It started as an art project with images of the 7 deadly sins for the 7 letters in "H A N G M A N".  Then it turned into a way to reverse the game with images first and then letters to fill in the blanks.  There are 7 letters to describe HANGMAN but there are many more than 7 so the hangmen images have 7 letters for fun.  From there on it got carried away...  ;-).  Enjoy V 2.0 launched on April Fools, 2015.  (V 1.0 was first live on Halloween of 2014)

How to Play


Pick a game. Most have 7 letters. Fill in the blanks (or miss a few). If you miss over 7 then your side looses. Think of it as if you were to lose 1. body, 2, arm, 3 both arms, 4 leg, 6 both legs, 6 head, and 7 anything else (a smile or frown).


Once you are done with one set you go on to the next, and the next, and the next.


We are taking suggestions. More words, more images, more games. We are all ears (even if we have no ears). :-) Oh, yea, no cheating. You'd only be cheating yourself. And, while I'm at it, no stealing. Please respect the hard work that goes in to these things and its all (c) copywrite 2014 with all rights reserved to us (me). Watch for new games, tricks and tools. There's more than meets the eye (even if we don't have eyes). This is version 1.0 of many. Halloween - Friday the 13th - 10-13-14.


Keep score or just play for fun. It's not life or death!


p.s. "ads suck" has 7 letters (even though its two words). If this game ever has ads then they will have the heading "ads suck 247"

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There are no hard or fast rules.  Work it out.  But, #1.  Don't blame us for anything.  #2. Have fun.  #3.  This is a game.   #4. See No's 2 and 3.